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Basic Poker Odds

This is a general guide to odds in poker. Different types of odds will help you determine whether or not it’s worth it to call until the turn, or what your realistic chance is to win the hand. Mathematical odds become increasingly important in online play. Since you’ll be playing many hands per hour, you […]

How to Bluff in Poker

Here, we’re going to talk about the basic ins and outs of bluffing. I’m going to assume you’ve read the basic rules and strategies, pot and hand odds, and poker tells. Bluffing and reading bluffs are two of the most exciting aspects of poker. You aren’t playing a set percentage; you aren’t crunching probability numbers […]

7 Card Stud Strategy

Here I’m going to discuss a few basic strategies that you should try to use in Seven Card Stud. Show Off What you’re showing is nearly as important as what you’re holding. If you have weak board cards (face-up), you look weak. This means that your opponents are more likely to be aggressive towards you. […]

7 Card Stud Rules

Ante Ante in Seven Card Stud is mandatory, and it varies for different betting limits. Low-end games usually are only around 10-15%. For example, a $3-$6 game of Stud will likely only have a $.30 Ante. Higher-end Stud games can get a bit higher, up to 25%. This can be a fairly large amount to […]

Omaha Poker Strategy

I’m going to outline some of the basic Omaha High strategies. Omaha is often called a cruel game because everything can change with the flop of a card. Though it’s derived from Texas Holdem, Omaha is a different animal altogether.

Omaha Poker Rules

Omaha High (also called Omaha Hi) is an increasingly popular poker game. While it doesn’t have the same prestige as Texas Holdem, it is growing fast. The two types of Omaha High are: Limit Omaha High – There’s a betting limit for each round of betting Pot Limit Omaha High – A player may bet […]

Real Poker vs Online Poker

Here I’m going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of online poker, and also how it differs from regular poker. Want to know the difference between online casinos and land based casinos? We feature casino downloads and online gambling laws along with information on how casino bonuses really work.

Online Poker Tips

Know Your Game This one may seem obvious, but I want to grind this into your head: If you don’t know your game (or games) of choice in and out, front to back, you are at a statistical disadvantage. Many poker players make this mistake and it can end your poker career prematurely. Dont make […]

How to Win at Online Poker

There are many reasons to play online poker. Some people play for fun, some play for the competition, others just play to pass the time. However, the most common and most important reason for playing online poker is to win. Winning at online poker isn’t just about the thrill of victory or the satisfaction of […]

Finding an Online Casino as a Mac User

Finding a reputable casino to play in as a U.S. player can be trying (though hopefully your options will increase by the end of the year) but what’s even more trying is finding a fun, safe casino online as a U.S. player with a Mac. Very few casino game developers have gotten around to designing […]