If you did not get any introduction to the Texas Holdem Game of poker yet, study and review the following paragraphs to be an expert on the subject. Texas Hold ‘Em poker is one of the easiest and fun card games to learn about.

Not like other poker card games which have many possibilities for calculating the game probabilities odds in different situations , The game of Hold’Em can be reviewed and studied in a short time by almost everyone, academic studies and research papers showed that the average student can start playing very well just after two hours of game practice. One thing to remember is that if you want to know how to play Texas holdem poker and looking for an easy way to learn the game, then you must start and play it for a few hours after studying this poker game rules.

texas holdem

Most online poker rooms, offer a large selection of fake money poker chips Texas hold em tables for beginners to start learning the game and practice while improving their skills until they are educated to convert from fake money gamblers playing for fun and enjoyment to real money poker tables players. We recommend trying out a few online card room aim for novice players, until you find the cards room you like the best.

The Texas Holdem game of poker has the following structure:

1. It starts with the 2  players on the left of the dealer posting the blinds.

2. Each one of the poker player is given 2 cards with their picture down, one is called the “hole” or the other is called the “pocket card“.

3. The 1st round named “pre-flop” of betting starts with the next person on the 2 from stage 1.

4. Now the players around the table can “check“, “raise” or “fold“.

5. Once the betting round is finished, the dealer discards the top card (“burn card”) of the deck.

6. Now the cards dealer then flips the next three cards (“the flop”) with their face up on the center of the table, they are called the “community cards” that anyone can use along with his own cards to create the best poker hand.

7. Now there is one more betting round which start with the player who sits to the left of the poker cards dealer.

8. Once betting is over, the dealer flips another card and flips one more (named turn card ) on the table. This card can be used as well to created the best poker hands.

9. Now the player on the left of the poker cards dealer starts one more betting round.

10. At the end of the betting round, the game dealer burns a card and places a final card (“river”) with it’s face up on the poker table. This card also can be used to create a better winning poker hand.

 11. Now comes the last betting round which starts again with the participant to the left of the dealer.

 12. At this point the players which are still in the game show their hands (“showdown“).

 13. The one that showed the best Texas Holdem Game poker hand wins it all!

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