Managing your bankroll entails a lot of small decisions that should work together and requires good discipline over and over again. Part of it is knowing when to stand up and call it a night since your are losing money, emotionally tired, and starting to doubt your decisions.

bankroll mastery
Mastering your poker bankroll may also mean that you will get away from it for the mean time not only because you have won some money but you are quite hungry and you know that when the tummy is complaining, you have the tendency to make bad decisions. So first things first to make sure you maintain the good game.

Managing your bankroll is not being over confident even when you have the deepest stack on the table. It is keeping the same habits that you want the other players to see even when you are so certain that you will be the last man standing.

Bankroll management is all about setting your limits, knowing how much risk to take, and knowing when to stop. You should know if the stakes are too high for the comfort of your bank account. It is very easy to say things but gambling is somewhere where most people fail to keep their word. There is that natural tendency to go for the win even when you know you cannot reverse the misfortunes of the day.

Managing your bankroll is pretty simple: When you are not having fun playing poker, QUIT. If you are depressed and losing, QUIT. Do not let it get to the point that you are so numb with losing that you do not care much if you lose more.

Remember the game has no end. Poker will be there on the tables even when you have to stand now. Poker will be there waiting for you tomorrow. Play only when you are in the best shape to make the most sound, money-winning decisions.

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