When it comes to online gambling we are firm believers that the more you now, the less money you blow! With this in mind, we have come up with a complete list of little known facts that are sure to be helpful when making decisions during any online gambling session and every trip you take to a land casino.

gambling facts

Listed below is YET ANOTHER interesting compilation of little known – or slightly off kilter facts that we are sure you will find amusing if not helpful in winning lots of cash when gambling. Enjoy!

– Back when slot machine makers attempted to replace the mechanical spinning reels with new video displays (they simply couldn’t find a way to fit the hundreds of symbols on the old mechanical reels) gamblers were not amused. In order to gain gamblers acceptance of this new style, they went back to the original reel style to keep the gamblers coming back – even though it is not the spin that controls the outcome. Quite simply put, the computer controls it. Some people just like what they like!

– Several of the video machine games gamblers play today, like video blackjack, video keno, video poker, spawned from slot machines and really operate using the very same microprocessor technology and random sequences as slot machines do. But, these games give gamblers real options and choices, and because of this, skill comes into play. Regular slot machines don’t require skill.

– For the most part, nickel machines have much lower pay-outs than a quarter machine has, and dollar machines will pay even more. This is because the casino’s cost of running a slot machine doesn’t really depend on the denomination of the coin that is accepted in the machine, it depends on the amount of room it takes up on the gaming floor, maintenance, assistance it requires on the floor, et. So, all things being equal, for a machine to produce a specific amount of dollars or revenue for the casino, a bigger amount must be retained if the machine were to take smaller denominations of coins.

– A common myth about slot machines is that the machines that are located on the aisles have better pay-outs. The REAL reason the machines located in this type of spot seem like they have a better pay-out is because they are played more. The REAL fact here is that the slot that gets played more often will pay back more. It will pay more because it is played more!

– You should always read the fine print when playing slots. For example, those machines that have a huge neon sign over them touting a 98% pay-out (sometimes even 99%). Look real close, the sign always says UP TO 98%. Even then, the casino is really only required to have one machine in that specific group of slots (under the sign) that must meet that requirement. Who knows which machine it is?

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