The largest mobile jackpot win in history happened Tuesday, April 17 as a player of Mega Moolah won €8,012,153.35. This exceeds the previous microgaming pay-out in August of 2016 of €7,968,311.26. The winner will take home the entire amount in one lump sum.

The players stake in the bet was only 6.25 euros. It is the biggest win in their casino history, and the biggest mobile payout ever.
mega moolah 8 million payout

What is microgaming?

Microgaming Software Systems Ltd is a software development company that released the first genuine online casino in 1994.

Microgaming runs an online poker network, known as The MPN. It was formerly known as Prima Poker or the Microgaming Poker Network. Its software allows players to play multiplayer poker games such as Texas hold ’em and five and seven card stud poker against real people in real-time. The MPN was the first online poker network to offer Anonymous Tables, an attempt to make player tracking tools ineffective. In November 2013, the network became among the first to offer a fully integrated achievement system.

How to play Mega Moolah

The official website of Mega Moolah is located at this link. According to their website:

There are several ways to play Mega Moolah. One is to play it directly from your favourite browser, such as Safari on the brilliant Macs, or any browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. For Windows users there’s a download option, which installs the casino on the computer. This way the casino is only one click away. Playing on smartphones such as iPhone is great and even better on a retina-display iPad. Android-based smartphone and tablets work just as well. There is no Mega Moolah app as the game is played in the browser. Any apps in the Google Play Store bearing the Mega Moolah name are play-money games. To play the real Mega Moolah game always visit, also from your mobile.

You will notice many payouts in the right column on their homepage. You’ll also notice that the potential jackpots steadily increase. This will give you an idea of how much you could potentially win at any given time. At the time of this post, Mega Moolah’s jackpot has increased back up to 1.7 million euro, while their next largest jackpot is from “Major Millions” with a 1.6 million payout.

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