Know Your Game

This one may seem obvious, but I want to grind this into your head: If you don’t know your game (or games) of choice in and out, front to back, you are at a statistical disadvantage. Many poker players make this mistake and it can end your poker career prematurely. Dont make the same mistakes they do: never sit down at a poker table unless you feel like you could write a book about how to play the game.

Know Your Environment

Online poker is vastly different from casino/real-life/brick and mortar poker. They’re practically two different games. You can’t play an online game of poker like you would a Friday night game with your buddies, or a high-stakes tournament in Vegas. Online poker is a whole new experience. You need to learn the difference between the two or it will cost you.

Practice Your Game

Nobody gets better by not doing anything. If you really want to be a good poker player and make money, you have to practice. This means playing as much poker as you can fit. Whether or not you’re playing for money, or just playing to play, you need to keep doing it. As any professional poker player will tell you, poker is a game in which you never cease to learn new things.

Study Your Game

Read as many guides, books, tips, strategies… anything you can get your hands on. Poker is a mental game. The more you know, the better off you are. Even better would be to ask a good poker player to teach you, or at least let you watch while they play so you can pick up what theyre doing. Your other option is to learn by trial-and-error, which can be very costly. Study, study, study.

Know Your Opponent

Okay, I know I say this one alot, but it cannot be stressed enough. Knowing your opponents and how they play is the key to winning online poker. If you know what kind of player your opponent is, you can know when to bluff, call, raise, fold, trap, etc. It becomes a mental duel. I cant stress how important this is enough. If you know your opponent, you have a huge advantage.

No Attachment

Even if you have a very strong hand at the beginning, you could still lose the game. Never become too attached to a hand. It doesn’t matter if you already have $100,000 in the pot – if you think he has a better hand, you’re usually better off to get out if he bets another $50,000. You don’t want to keep giving your opponent your money. If you have nothing, just let it go.

Don’t Push It

If you keep losing hands, take a break. If you just can’t seem to win, don’t keep throwing your money away. Step back, take a walk, read a book… Whatever you want, but stop blowing through your money. Some days are good, and some days are bad. If it seems like every day’s a bad day, reread the other tips, check through this site, or just take some time off.

Real Money

Don’t be fooled by the animations and graphics of the poker rooms. This is the reason that all casinos will exchange your real, hard cash for colorful chips. They don’t want you to look at these little discs and see them as your money. You have a number beside your name that says the amount of money you have. Never forget this. If it says you have $50 in play, think of it as if you had a $50 bill in your hand. This is the most important online poker tip. Don’t throw your money away.

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