Your starting position in relation to the other players at the poker table is very important when playing Texas Hold’em. By this it means in relation to the button, which is the dealer, and the small and big blind. The top experts of poker always maintain that your position in the betting sequence will determine how you bet and also when you bet.

Position is Important in 10 Handed Tables

When you are playing a ten handed game and you are sitting in either seat number one or two, this is called an early position. The following three seats are normally called the middle position seats. If you are right on the button or are seated one or two to the right, these are the late positions.

Professional Players Always Play From Position

The professional Texas Hold’em players will always decide how they play their hands, and for that matter what hands they play, depending on their position at the table. When under the gun, which is the first seat to the left of the big blind, you would normally only play the best hands. However, if you are seated in a late position it is possible for you to play middle connectors and small pairs.

Two Tips:

    • • Your hole card needs to be stronger the earlier your position
    • • You can safely play more types of hands the later your position is

Avoid Playing up Front and Out of Position

Because all other players can perform their action or act after you, when you are in the early position, it is essential that you are more cautious about the cards you play as well as the hands you play for. All of your opponents have the advantage of knowing how you are going to play your hand, but you are completely ignorant of how they are going to play theirs.

The sole reason for you being at such a disadvantage is that you have much less information on them than they have on you, which is the reason for you needing to play different hands differently according to your position at the table. If you remember these tips and follow them, your Texas Hold’em poker game will instantly improve. It is one thing to know what to do, but putting it into practice is quite another thing. It is very easy to get excited when playing poker, and push your luck so it is essential that you remain cool and do not deviate from your game plan. That is the professional way and how you can win.

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